2019 European Security Awareness Summit – Lessons Learned

Afgelopen november was de SANS European Security Awareness Summit. Een van de weinige evenementen gericht op de menselijke factor in cybersecurity. SANS director Lance Spitzner vertelt over de belangrijkste lessen die hij heeft geleerd en zijn favoriete sprekers van dit tweedaagse congres. (Engels)

We recently finished up the European Security Awareness Summit this 20/21 November in London, UK, one of the very few events dedicated to the human side of cybersecurity.  Over 100 security awareness, engagement and culture professionals came together to share lessons learned.    Not only did we have over 15 fantastic speakers but numerous networking and interactive events.  Cybersecurity is not only a technical challenge but a people challenge, as a result people are also part of the solution. You can find all the speaker slides and notes from the summit at the Security Awareness Summit Archives.  We also invite you to join us for the 2020 Security Awareness Summit 5/6 August in Austin, TX.  Here are some of my key takeaways and favorite talks from the two-day summit.

Chris Fleming – Marginal Gains:  This was one of my favorite talks as Chris shared stories of the British cycling team and Champion Hot Dog eaters to demonstrate the approach of marginal gains to achieve your long term goals.  Instead of looking for that single, silver bullet that will solve all your security engagement, behavior and culture challenges, look for numerous ways to make smaller improvements.  Similar to investing repeatedly over time, the long-term impact can be quite significant.  In many ways Chris’s talk reminded me of Thaler and Sunstein’s research in the book Nudge.

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